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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add my local business to the India Sewa?

You can Submit a New Business Listing using the online form, email us at: "" or call us on "" to get listed.

How can I enhance my listing, to get more visibility?

You can keep your listing fresh, and get more visibility, with a page to showcase a specific product, service or special, for a limited period of time.

The Listing and pages require a logo, photo or other image. What if I don't have a scanner, or can't upload a picture?

You can scan your photo and add on the website. If you don't have, you can leave that during listing the business with us.

How can I send a quick update, to my listing page or a page?

If you just need to send a quick correction, or if you want to change the logo/photo, or have some other minor change to make, you can send an update to us using email and call and we will make the changes.

What determines which business is shown on the Business page as the "Local Spotlight" business?

It's random. Each time someone loads the page, a random listing from the Directory is shown.

What if I have some other question about the Directory?

Use the Contact Form, and select "Business Directory / Local Products and Services" as the category. We will respond promptly.

What is cost if I am interested in our paid services?

If you want to buy our paid services. You should visit our contact us form, fill the details or call us. Our team will explain you each and everything about our paid services.

How to make the payment while buying online paid services?

You can directly send the payment though our company bank account or you will receive invoice and there will be many payment option on invoice. So you can either call us or ask to our executive at the time of face to face meeting.

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